It starts with a project

Do you ever start a project and get half way through it only to realize that you now have multiple projects? I recently found my way into this rabbit hole. Ultimately, it resulted in this post and very blog.

It all began as a way to continue my endeavor of learning more about web development. Should that count as the initial project? Well, then an idea about a rewrite on a site I built last year got me thinking. I could build it in a static site generator like Hugo. So, I dabbled into static site generators, and dove into Hugo. Soon after, it was all exploring, learning, and creating. Perhaps, some tinkering and tweaking too. And still am.

Then life happened. Holidays. Some people travel for said holidays and other people visit. So my initial projects (below) while doing everything else, needless to say, got put on the back burner.

  1. learn about static site generators
  2. rewrite an existing site using one

And another project

Naturally, while this project is on the back burner, I attach another project to it. A blog.

  1. learn about static site generators ****
  2. blog (also, write for blog - sneaky)
  3. rewrite an existing site using one

Themes (the lead up to the next project)

Initially, I started out cloning a theme’s repository. I would advise against that notion. Follow Hugo’s quick-start and get rolling. Add in themes via a git submodule. Looking back, this would have saved me some time.

New theme (the next project)

All set up using Hugo and the Minimal theme relatively painlessly. I then, of course, am unhappy with many of my theme choices. jQuery dependency, just for mobile navigation? Typography reset needs work? Everything is too bright. You see where this is going, right?

My blog powered by Hugo using the Minimal theme eventually became a boilerplate for a theme I then ended up creating.

After much fiddling and writing too much CSS, I decided to create my own Hugo theme inspired by the Ghost Capser theme.


Minimal-esque is a quick and lightweight fully responsive dark blog theme for Hugo and hosted on GitHub. Read more about it on my last post.

Recap of project(s)

  1. Learn about static site generators (Hugo)
  2. Create a Hugo theme
  3. Create a blog website
  4. Write blog posts (like this one)
  5. Rewrite an existing site using Hugo

Within the last 6 months or so I had developed a navigation bar component I had begun to reuse throughout many of my projects. So I wanted to put it out there. See it in action.

You can even notice I am lazy enough that my hamburger menu style is the same everywhere. No shame, I do not care for the hamburger menu. There I said it. Also see it on CodePen below.

See the Pen Simply Navigation by Jeffrey (@obscuredetour) on CodePen.

That all took way longer than I had anticipated… Needless to say, don’t let a project that spawns others get you down. Slowly, but surely.