A User style is a theme

This is a dark theme for the goodreads.com website. This custom userstyle follows UserCSS guidelines. A custom userstyle allows additional website styling to overlay its default. This is made possible by userstyle extensions for browsers. Read more.

Like many others, I use goodreads to track my books read and progress. I got tired of staring out their bright off-white website all the time. Search results for goodreads dark themes and/or user styles you’ll find a few, but most are broken and out of date.

Goodreads is huge

This ended up being a much larger project than I originally thought. By far the largest and hardest dark theme I have tackled thus far.

Colors, enter Jade City

Goodreads.com default link color
I finished Fonda Lee’s Jade City in November and it left an impact when I initially started this project. The goodreads default link color is hsl(176, 100%, 19%). A green that instantly made me think of Jade City.

The final jade color palette I came up with is below. These are all the greens used throughout the dark theme. Some examples are links, buttons, hover effects, text highlights, accent borders, progress bars, & more.

Jade color palette
Image made with Color Deck

I’ll update the post with the background color palette as well.

Other changes

I took some liberties with some aesthetics. My goal was to reduce clutter and overall busyness.

  • Removed so many borders!
  • Increased padding here and there.
  • Increased border radius here and there for more inviting feel.


Goodreads dark jade theme -zero saturation
Full resolution

Find a bug?

Notice a problem with my style? Let me know by opening a Github issue.