Dark theme for coloradosun.com

I really like The Colorado Sun, but after a while the white background is too much. Their website design is fantastic, so I don’t want to change too much.

The goal is to keep the same minimalistic theme with a touch of color, just darker and easier on the eyes. I am sharing it and the process of creation in hopes that it will help someone else.

So let’s get after it! First is color selection and comparison. I use a tool throughout called Contrast Ratio made by the brilliant Lea Verou. It always helps me balance contrast and text for maximum legibility on projects.

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Website colors


Colorado Sun’s background is pure white #fff. Since their navigation bar and footer are already black I decided on charcoal #202326, for lack of a better name.

Article headers

Article headings are almost black rgba(0,0,0,.85). Let’s go with almost white rgba(255,255,255,.85), because my goal is to change only a little and keep to their design and theme.

Main text

All main article text is pure black #000 and I want mostly white #f5f4f5 because the contrast will be plenty high enough with the new dark background color without going full blown pure white.

Tertiary text

The tertiary text includes all text on the secondary articles usually. Again with contrast and maximum legibility in mind and only changing what needs to be changed.

The two light greys #8b8581, #7d7373 I swapped out for #c9c9c9,#bcb8b6 respectively and the dark grey #5a5653 to #aeaeae.

Link text

The links in the articles are bright blue #2b56ff with a bright green #30e8bd underline. After some fiddling around I decided to just reverse the colors to optimize contrast and keep the same vibe going.

Article bio and Credibility learn more links are blue too, but thought green looked out of place here. So I decided on CO Sun yellow #fcd232 here.

Buttons / Borders

The buttons around the website are typically all CO Sun yellow #fcd232 or the bright blue #2b56ff. Page and card borders are grey #c4c2c0. These I kept all the same except for one button.

Because the new awesome dark background is in place the all blue ‘more stories’ button on the home page is hard to see so I made it CO Sun yellow instead.

Odds & Ends

Some weird items include some data/graph tables and highlighted paragraphs. You can find these items in the following articles Jared Polis campaign spending… & Amid drought… respectively.

I imagine these items will be more prevalent as more content is produced. I suspect some will even produce bugs. For example the table/graph is targeted by the following code.

iframe[src*="//datawrapper"] {
	background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7);

As more content is produced this might need to be expanded, fixed and/or tweaked.

That’s all folks

Below you’ll find some screenshots as well as the GitHub repository where this theme is stored. And now I should probably make my blog dark, eh?

How to use

You should be using the browser add-on Stylus. Do not use Stylish as it has security issues. For reference, Stylus on GitHub.

Stylus for Firefox - this works on the mobile version too!

Stylus for Chrome

Next, you can simply go to Userstyles.org and get it directly.

Alternatively, the CO Sun dark CSS file can be copy/pasted into the browser extension Stylus or click the Raw button to download. For reference here is the Colorado Sun Dark theme on GitHub.